Duo performed cover at charity event last year
Grace Carroll

10:27 22nd January 2013

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Adam Lambert and Cyndi Lauper are rumoured to be recording a duet of 'Mad World' together.

The pair previously performed the song at a charity event in New York City, and enjoyed it so much that they're now considering recording the song together.

The concert was for the second annual Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays event, which aims to raise money for homeless LGBTQ youths, and supports the True Colors Fund's Forty to None Project.

Adam showed how much of a fan he is of Cyndi when he introduced her, saying, "I can't believe she asked me to do this! This is amazing."

According to Music Daily News, a source says, "Adam and Cyndi talked after their performance. They want to record their duet of Mad World at the studio and release it. It’s just a project they want to do for fun."

Adam Lambert and Cyndi Lauper performing 'Mad World' together

Cyndi recently spoke to Parade about how she's managed to achieve longevity as a musician, saying, "I don't think it's a secret: I never stopped. When people told me you can't do this or that, I would just do it. I didn't think there was another choice for me."

She also talked about what she enjoys most in life, saying, "Movie nights with my husband and son. Declyn is 15, which is a new frontier for us. When you're a teenager, you don't really want to hang with your parents, but every once in a while, we'll all hang out together."

Watch the original duet with Adam and Cyndi below:

Below: The most unlikely music collaborations

  • Iggy Pop: The never-clothed rocker has teamed up with US pop singer Ke$ha to record a new track for her album, after she previously snared studio time with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips to work on their track, 'The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends'. Speaking of the Iggy collaboration, Ke$ha tweeted: "its a fk!ng dream come true to be collaborating w my IDOL! the original WILD CHILD. Iggy I got a song for yall on my next record%u2026get ready."

  • Miles Kane: The 'Inhaler' rocker has recently worked with Magnetic Man producer Skream on new track 'First Of My Kind', and hinted at interest in recording more with the dance producer, telling The Daily Star: “I’d be well up for guesting on a proper ‘having it’ track like when Noel Gallagher sang for The Chemical Brothers. That world isn’t what I’m used to but it really intrigues me. Me and Skream had a right laugh. I was surprised how much he knows his rock ’n’ roll.”

  • Noel Gallagher: Inspiring Miles Kane to consider a dance duet, Noel Gallagher teamed up with the Chemical Brothers in 1999 for 'Let Forever Be'. The track reached No.9 in the UK charts.

  • Gerard Way & Deadmau5 'Professional Grievers': The 'My Chemical Romance' frontman has recently teamed up with the mouse-eared dance titan for dance track 'Professional Grievers'. Ironically, the track has appeared online in the same week in which Deadmau5 posted a rant against musical collaborations on his blog.

  • Ryan Adams and Deadmau5: If we are to take Adams' word for it, an upcoming collaboration with the electro-house producer sounds like 'BladeRunner starring Don Henley', which doesn't sound too bad to us. Deadmau5 has also worked with Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance in 2012 - despite earlier this year criticising dance producers who team up with big name stars.

  • David Bowie & The Pet Shop Boys - 'Hello Spaceboy': This meeting of music giants resulted in the track 'Hallo Spaceboy'. When asked about the track, Bowie says: 'I adore that track. In my mind, it was like Jim Morrison meets industrial. When I heard it back, I thought, "Fuck me. It's like metal Doors." It's an extraordinary sound'.

  • Tom Smith (The Editors) & Raized By Wolves - 'The Call': The frontman of the Birmingham indie-rock band had a marriage of musical minds with the dance troupe (which includes former members of Doves) on their spectacular 'The Call' single.

  • Aerosmith & Run-DMC - 'Walk This Way': Another bizzare hook-up. Who would have thought rock and hip-hop would create the legendary anthem 'Walk This Way'?

  • Jay-Z & Linkin Park - ' Numb': Rockers love to collaborate with rappers. Here, the track 'Numb' was produced after the meetings of these different musical minds.

  • Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill - 'I Love You Mary Jane': This rap-rock collaboration was taken from the Judgment Night movie soundtrack, and nobody expected it to sound as chilled and mellow as it turned out to be.

  • Metallica & Lou Reed - 'Sweet Jane: Pairing this old school acid-rocker with a heavy metal band was always going to be bizarre, but it was fun to listen to the time-signature complexities and epic heaviness of Metallica condensed down into the simple 'Sweet Jane'.

  • Jack White & Insane Clown Posse - 'Leck Mich Im Arsch': Probably the only thing that Jack White and Insane Clown Posse used to have in common was that they both had roots in Detroit. Sadly, that is no longer true%u2014in a bizarre turn of events, Jack White produced an Insane Clown Posse song about dirty sex antics.

  • Brian May & Dappy - 'Rockstar': How the former Queen guitarist could ever lower himself by collaborating with an absolute idiot is beyond us, but as expected, the result - 'Rockstar' is absolutely vile.

  • Texas & The Wu Tang Clan - 'Say What You Want' (remix): Sharleen from soft-rock band Texas thought it would be a great idea to collaborate with gangsta-rappers 'The Wu Tang Clan' on a remix of her hit 'Say What You Want'. The result is surreal, to say the least.

  • Tom Jones & The Cardigans - 'Burning Down The House': Throw an indie-pop band in the same room with a Welsh rock legend and you get 'Burning Down The House'. sorry guys, but the original Talking Heads song was far superior.

  • Lil Wayne & Fred Durst - 'Ready To Go': The duo's track has yet to be unleashed upon a world of unsuspecting music lovers, but hopes are not exactly high...

  • Coldplay & Jay-Z - 'Lost': Although Jay-Z is known for his leftfield collaboratins, teaming up with the British pop-rock band is not one that we expected. Saying that, the resulting track could have been a lot worse.

  • Weezer & Lil Wayne - 'Can't Stop Partying': American alt-rockers meet the unique stylings of Lil Wayne for the ridiculous track 'Can't Stop Partying'. It sounds more like a Rebecca Black reject than anything remotely worthy of either artist. Get your ear plugs in!

  • Timbaland & She Wants Revenge - 'Time': This unusual collaboration proves that superstar hip-hop producers get sad too. Timbaland teamed up with the goth dance duo for 2007%u2019s Shock Value, and the resulting 'Time' was very beguiling indeed.

  • Anthrax & Public Enemy - 'Bring the Noise': As the song suggests, both groups do indeed 'bring the noise' %u2014it%u2019s just that one keeps the volume up with super-heavy guitar chugging while the other simply yells, 'Yeah boiiiiii!' How peculiar!

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