Fugees frontwoman announces New York show
Elliot Mitchell

12:03 13th May 2013

Lauryn Hill has announced a pre-jail show set to take place in New York tomorrow (14th May) where she will supposedly showcase new material.

The announcement comes in the wake of the news that the former member of The Fugees is set to start a three month jail term in July for tax evasion, a sentence which was decided last week.

Hill took to her Facebook page on Friday (10th may) to announce the show, stating “Hi! Decided to do a last minute show next week in Brooklyn at Music Hall of Williamsburg, wanted to play NS Live”.

The surprise New York show looks set to be used as a platform for Hill to present her long awaited new material, before she has to officially hand herself into the authorities in early July.

Lauryn Hill will perform in New York on 14 May, 2013

The star reportedly owed $2.3 million dollars in income tax over five years, though recently paid back $900,000 in an attempt to clear her name.

The Grammy award winning artist is still yet to release a follow up to her critically acclaimed 1998 debut ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’, though last month saw her sign a record contract with Sony and drop single “Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)”, her first new material in three years.

Below: 20 musicians who have done jail time

  • Pete Doherty - The inspiration for this gallery, Doherty has had more brushes with the law than he’s played gigs with Babyshambles. He’s knows the cells of London’s prisons better than any man in music but his fans still see him as a saint.

  • Johnny Cash - The Man in Black is probably more famous for singing about and playing in prisons than being in them doing time, but he had a narrow escape from the clink in 1965 when he was arrested by a narcotics squad in El Paso, Texas who suspected he was smuggling heroin to Mexico.

  • Steve Earle - A drug user from an early age, Earle was jailed in 1993 for drugs and firearms offences but the country legend came out a new man in 1994 and produced two albums within 18 months with the the first, ‘Train A Comin’, winning a Grammy in 1996.

  • Chuck Berry - The seminal guitarist has a long history of run ins with the law. His first came in 1944 when he was convicted of an armed robbery and then in 1959 he was jailed for transporting a minor across state lines to work as a hat check girl in his club.

  • Sid Vicious - Although he never entered prison for his alleged involvement in the death of Nancy Spungen he was arrested and jailed two months later in December 1978 for attacking Patti Smith?s brother Todd and spent 55 days on Riker's Island in New York.

  • Courtney Love - Like Doherty, Courtney Love has escaped jail time on numerous occasions on drug charges but has been incarcerated in a rehabilitation centre instead of doing some bird. Gigwise is still baffled as to why she’s never been done for indecent exposure?!!

  • Phil Spector - He may not have been incarcerated but the legendary producer has had his fair share of trouble with the law in recent years. His alleged involvement in the death of B Movie actress Lana Clarkson may yet see him sent down, if his crazy haircuts doesn’t do it first that is.

  • Jim Morrison - The Doors’ front man was notorious for his tawdry stage antics was given a jail sentence in 1969 for exposing himself on stage in Florida but for various reasons the Lizard King never made it behind bars as a pending appeal failed to happen.

  • Ian Brown - The monkey man hit the headlines in 1998 when he told an air hostess he’d “chop off her hands” after she offered him some duty free on a flight from Paris to his native Manchester. He spent four months in prison for air rage and had to cancel his UK tour.

  • Paul McCartney - Paul McCartney and the rest of The Beatles admitted their drug use quite openly but it wasn’t until 1980 that that he spent any time in jail. Macca was arrested in Japan when police found 7.7 ounces (218.3 g) of cannabis in his possession and then spent ten days in prison.

  • DMX - DMX, aka Earl Simmons, has a rap sheet longer than his discography. He’s done some crazy shit in his time icluding impersonating a federal agent at JFK airport while he has also faced several charges of cruelty to animals.

  • Gary Glitter - The leader of the gang is now a member of the chain gang after his numerous arrests and last conviction on underage sex charges in Vietnam. In 2006 he gave an interview to the BBC where he denied ever having sex with anyone under the age of 18 and stating, “know the line to cross".

  • Grooverider - The DJ fell foul of Dubai’s strict anti-drugs and pornography laws in December 2007 went he was found in possession of both while travelling to play a show there. He was later jailed for four years with many of his fans demanding the sentence be reduced.

  • Marty Crandall - The Shins’ keyboard player was jailed for 48 hours after an altercation with his girlfriend, America's Next Top Model star Elyse Sewell. The whole affair was played out over the internet when Sewell posted a blog and pictures of the incident before removing it days later.

  • Axl Rose - Some fans of G’n’R may say his treatment of them has been his major crime but the security guard of a Stockholm hotel bears the scars of Rose’s real offences. He was arrested in June 2006 after attacking the guard and biting his leg which resulted in several hours in a cell.

  • Gil Scott-Heron - Heron was released from prison in May 2007 after being jailed in 2006 for violating a plea deal on a drug-possession charge by leaving a treatment center. It wasn't his first prison sentence however, in 2001 he was jailed for one to three years for cocaine possession.

  • Merle Haggard - Yet another country star who had his fair share of trouble with the police, Haggard was inspired to create his music after witnessing the now infamous concert in San Quentin prison while he was an inmate. In 1972 he was pardoned of his past crimes by future US President Ronald Reagan.

  • Tommy Lee - The hard living drummer of Motley Crue fame was jailed for four months in 1998 for the cowardly act of kicking his then wife Pamela Anderson while she was holding their son Dylan. Although divorced the couple did reunite for a short time after his release.

  • Ol' Dirty Bastard - Before his death in 2004 the Wu Tang Clan member spent five years behind bars for a number of crimes including shoplifting, drug possession, issuing criminal threats and illegally wearing a bullet proof vest. He was released in March 2003.

  • Mick Jagger & Keith Richards - Mick and Keef spent a night in prison after being convicted of drug offences in 1967. They were bailed the next day and after appeal Richard’s sentence was quashed and Jagger’s reduced to a conditional discharge.

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