Screengrabs of personal exchange posted online
Adam Tait

10:24 23rd May 2013

Rapper Meek Mill has apparently lost a friend after he shamed a life-long pal for asking for money by posting the whole exchange to Instagram.

Hip hop stars often like to brag about their stacks of money, but in this case it seems Meek's wealth has been more of a curse than a blessing.

The exchange began when the friend, a music producer called Conway, asked the rapper: "Wassup cuz? I need 5grand to make some moves out got me?

Meek replied: "Yoooo what's wrong wit you cuz?"

"Nothin wrong I'm good," Conway responded.

"Jus tryna make some moves my son will b born in July and I'm jus not Tryna tell my BM no when she ask me for somethin."

The soliciting of financial aid obviously didn't impress the rapper, who wrote, "You tripping ni**a.. Don't b coming thru no twitter talking about no 5 stacks what's wrong wit u... Everbody I b wit got kids.

"How u call another man talking about you got a kid on da way."

To add insult to injury Meek posted a screen grab of the conversation to his Instagram account with the caption, "This why I lose ni**as I'm cool wit everyday!"

The inital request

Unsurprisingly hurt by having the exchange revealed to the world, Conway posted a series of tweets in response.

"@meekmill know he owe me way more the 5stack."

Conway, who has apparently done production work for Meek Mill in the past, feels the rapper has made money off work they did together but never gave him his cut.

The subsequent tweets

The rapper promptly screen grabbed the tweets and posted those as well.

Whatever the truth, it musdt hurt to have this all aired on a public social network.

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  • 1. Diddy: $500 Million

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