Insane Clown Posse aren't a popular choice
Tamsyn Wilce

11:06 23rd November 2013

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Insane Clown Posse have been labelled 'The Worst Band in the History of the World, Ever' by a local record store. 

ICP are a group who's musical offerings are sometimes difficult to place into a genre, with 'clown horror' not one that's very popular when it comes to selling CDs. Stuck with where exactly to place them, this record store (location unrevealed) decided to come up with their own category...

(photo via Reddit)

Well, that's one way to put it.

The Hip-Hop/Rap/Clown duo are yet to comment on the picture but it's probably the least of their worries as they've faced another lawsuit this year from a former colleague, as well as a death at their Gathering of the Juggalos event earlier this year. 

Below: World's worst rappers, Insane Clown Posse and more

  • Chingy - You know an "artist" is really hitting a nerve when they inspire an onslaught of negative reviews at every website you visit. The consensus seems to be: "This guy's beats are terrible and his lyrics are stupid, degrading and barely literate at best." Ouch.

  • Tony Yayo - As a member of G-Unit, Yayo was clearly the caboose of the group. If he really calls his latest album 'I Am 50's Tax Write-Off', we'd hire a hitman to get him - even just on account of his appalling grammar.

  • Cher Lloyd - this annoying X-Factor reject refuses to go away! When she's not badmouthing her former mentor Cheryl Cole on Twitter, she's attempting to "rap" about how much "swag" she carries with her. With an obvious bag full of swag shouldn't someone arrest her for stealing?

  • Pitbull - This dude deserves mention on this list because we're pretty sure he spits the same verse on every single song. He's always going to clubs and hotels and partying with Jennifer Lopez or T-Pain or Lil Jon. And he must rack up those airmiles - seeing how he always mentions London to Jamaica, to L.A to Japan. Maybe he should just go green and stop - it would save the environment, and our ears.

  • Dappy - as one third of the horrendous collective "N-Dubz" we find it spectacular how this diddly grime-rapper has enticed Brian May to appear on his latest single "Rockstar". Dappy put a sock in it.

  • Soulja Boy - No list of weak wordsmiths would be complete without the self-proclaimed Teen of Da South, who at 17 has turned a repetitive, steel-drum driven beat, some marketing savvy and a corny dance into a bizarre phenomena. Unless you're a teen music fan who hasn't been exposed to quality rap and generally does not know how to spell, you'll quickly become nauseous.

  • Nick Cannon - Nick Cannon was always trying to be someone. The lost Wayans brother, The slightly less fresh Prince, Mariah Carey's husband. Something he should never have tried to be was a rapper.

  • Fred Durst - You have to question anyone who participates in a group that applauds its own erectile dysfunction. "Rap-metal" sounds like a bad idea, even before you hear how poorly it's executed. Ice-T couldn't pull it off, and these clowns can't even get the metal part right. So you can only imagine what happens when a rhythmically challenged singer attempts to show his "street cred" by enlisting the help of Method Man, who should've known better than to associate with a group whose stage props have included playing in a toilet.

  • Shaquile "Shaq" O'Neal - Now we love watching Shaq stand over the basketball net and push the ball in with his hand. Being 12 feet tall has its advantages - but rapping isn't one of them.

  • Steve-O (Jackass) - Move over, K-Fed - Steve-O wants to be a rapper too, and judging by his thugged-out lyrics, you'd better watch your "PopoZao." His lyrics include the Shakespeare-worthy: "Whack it, smack it/ Let's make a racket/ I'm so tough I always attack it, Snip it, lick it ... The way I ball, I could kick it." Background singers intone, "Steve-O's a gangster/ You know he's a gangster." We wish this were a joke.

  • The Ying Yang Twins - Most of their songs make absolutely zero sense, and the few that do make us wish that they didn't. Take for example "The Whisper Song." An entire song of whispering into the microphone talking about sex. Okay, we get it, your penis is big. Now move on.

  • Vanilla Ice - 'Ice Ice Baby' isn't so much a bad song as simply an insult. Instead of making a low-rent porn video like many other rappers, Ice actually made a feature film 'Cool As Ice', a film so bad it almost makes you wish he'd stuck to making records.

  • Mr T - Yes, we pity the fool who thought Mr. T had a career in music. He released the track 'Be Somebody Or Be Somebody's Fool' - why take advice from a guy who seems to have opted for the latter?

  • MC Hammer - MC Hammer somehow sold millions of albums. Some people even took to dressing like him despite introducing the world to the absolute worst leg wear in the history of pants.

  • Mike Jones - He can't rap, but he sure knows how to make friends. Putting his cellphone number on his T-Shirts ensured that Mike would never be lonely. But can you really trust a rapper whose track "Houston Dynamo (Don't Play)" is the official team anthem for a D-list American Soccer team?

  • Marky Mark - Like everyone else, Marky Mark knew he more of a career chance in underwear ads and in movies than he did music. Which is why we don't get to enjoy any new music from him anymore. Shame.

  • K-Fed (Kevin Federline) - When being married to Britney Spears is your greatest artistic accomplishment, you join a long line of Yoko Onos waiting for their eventual artistic validation. Someday, an ironic hip-hop group will no doubt celebrate Playing With Fire, Kevin Earl Federline's debut album. But for now, we're content to pretend it never happened.

  • Bubba Sparxxx - Do you remember that annoying kid in the school playground who always said that his TV was bigger than your TV, and then never got around to showing you this "Big TV"? That's kind of what a Bubba Sparxxx album is like.

  • Will Smith - Following his Fresh Prince success, Will Smith stayed safe in his music career to not inspire too much controversy. Which is exactly why he's a lousy rapper - and why Smith got out of there and into acting before everyone caught on.

  • Daphne & Celeste - When they played the Reading Festival in 2000 they were pelted with bottles of urine only two songs into their set. We'd do it again we tell you, do it again!

  • Master P - If you look up 'Master P' on the informative resource that is Urban Dictionary, general consensus is that this man is a "raptard". When you hire other rappers to write your rhymes and can't even say those right, we say go back to your day job!

  • Insane Clown Posse - Face paint, bad rap-metal, and once they're out of rhymes they begin spraying their audiences with soda. Insane Clown Posse have all the hallmarks of a bad hype and the terrible, terrible records to back it up. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope don't do much of anything well. Which explains why they hide their true identities.

  • Nelly - Whoa, Nelly! The band-aid was a great gimmick and can fix a little scrape but not an inability to string some rhymes together. This man's only skills lie in his amazing power to take his shirt off even when he's not feeling the heat.

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