Fans were kept at arm's length during photo sessions
Alexandra Pollard

12:52 4th May 2014

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Avril Lavigne has charged fans the equivalent of £250 for a meet and greet - during which they weren't allowed to touch her. The resulting photos are as eye-wateringly awkward as you could possibly hope to imagine.

The singer is currently touring South America, and hosted a meet and greet photo session for her fans in Brazil, tickets for which cost 800 Brazilian Reals - approximately £250.

However according to reports, the price did not include the concert ticket, nor any physical contact. 

Luckily, the people of the internet can always be relied upon to spot the opportunity for parody - here's some of the best. 

Lavigne recently revealed the music video for her new single 'Hello Kitty', which was widely criticised for what was seen as lazy appropriation of Japanese culture.

The video has so far gained over 14 million views and 88,000 dislikes, despite being briefly removed and re-uploaded.

Lavigne is currently completing her tour of South America, before performing a series of North American dates over the next few months.

Below: the 5 worst moments of Avril Lavigne's 'Hello Kitty' video

  • Her dead-eyed dancers: Oh, joy. Never since Gwen Stefani and her poor Harajuku Girls has a group of Asian women be so dumbed down, made to look indentikit and paraded around as a white singer's accessory. They continue to look like, well, dolls for the remainder of the video, in comparison to Avril's SPUNKY! LIVELINESS! AND QUIRKINESS!

  • Every single bit posing with the bloody guitar: This woman is 29 years old.

  • TEEHEE, SUSHI!: Clapping and giggling with excitement when given a tray of sushi - all of these things are TOTALLY Japanese (the only thing that's missing is the anime). It's like a video director being given a brief for a French-themed clip and filling it with baguettes, onions and striped tops. Did the researcher ever get past simply letting Google autofill after the word 'Japan'?

  • When she acts like the Queen: There's a particularly irritating segment when Avril swans around, waving to her fans (…) like she's transformed their monotonous, black-and-white, Western-starved world with one single hand gesture. In reality, she was probably waving at one big ol' tumbleweed. :(

  • Poor Monki: Here we see Avril wearing those suspender tights we briefly and regrettably flirted with wearing in 2010. In the background you can see popular Swedish outfitters Monki, who never asked for this product placement.

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