Show a receipt, get some free ice cream and a collectable 'Lonesome Street' flexi disc
Rebecca Schiller

19:04 17th April 2015

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To celebrate Record Store Day, Blur are treating LA-based fans with some free ice cream and a free collectable ‘Lonesome Street’ flexi disc.

The Magic Whip ice cream truck will be stopping by five different record stores in LA – you can see where it will be going below. The poster reads: “Any fans who show their store receipt will get FREE ice cream! And, if you use the secret code “THE MAGIC WHIP”, you will receive a collectable “Lonesome Street” flexi disc!”

Damon Albarn recently told Rolling Stone that he would be up for touring the US, but said that “there’s a great question mark when it comes to America with Blur for me."

“I spent a long time when I was younger, traveling and doing it the right way in America, and always feeling very frustrated with the brick wall that we always seemed to hit,” he stated. “Partly through our own attitude, and partly through it not really being the right climate for us. I don’t know if that’s the case now. It may not be.”

“It’s really up to whether anyone likes [The Magic Whip] over there. That’s my attitude,” he continued. “If you like it, we might come over. If you don’t … I wouldn’t want to arrive with my suitcase and wide eyes to indifference. Why would you?”

Watch Blur's 'Lonesome Street':

The Magic Whip is set for release on April 27/28.

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