Jonathan Geddes

10:16 25th April 2007

A haunting feel permeates this debut offering from Luminous Frenzy, a several strong collective. There’s a blissful vibe too, a mixture of drum machines and subtle guitars letting the listener focus on the track’s real strength: The gorgeous, lilting female vocals of Luminous, whose words spin a dark narrative of bodies being buried at Three Cliffs Bay in Wales. These add a folk element to the laid back backing and creates an atmosphere that is pleasing, relaxing and almost enough to make you forget the twisted lyrics that are being spoken.

Luminous’ vocals are the real draw, almost hypnotic and in a past life she probably lured sailors over board to their doom. Thankfully, here we can simply bask in their beauty. Outstanding work all the way, the only real problem may be that lack of a truly killer hook that embeds it in your brain. Still, this is superior stuff and fits in nicely alongside the work of the likes of Bat For Lashes. One to watch.

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