A driven epic that eclipses this band's debut
Mark McConville
16:07 28th July 2020

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In this, their cathartic fable, Creeper monumentally elevate their sound and even eclipse their 2017 debut Eternity, In Your Arms. The enigmatic band purposely let all their talents fuse and meld to create a compelling narrative on Sex, Death & the Infinite Void, one with a thickened plot, and one where darkness eludes the light. Tireless in their delivery, they also manage to design atmosphere and drama - great for the theatrical seekers.

Throughout Sex, Death & the Infinite Void, influences spark and take control. Bands including Alkaline Trio and even The Cure would be ecstatic on how it all turned out. As pioneers of the darkened world, they could take tips out of Creeper’s crimson soaked book; pages where all secrets could be unravelled.

Lyrically, this record is creative beyond expectation. Creative in a sense where every song weaves stories of yesteryear and melancholic days spent drinking under rotten trees and in rooms where all love has been sucked dry. The writing is poetic: it’s morose and far from jubilant, but it’s wonderful.

'Be My End' works as a rapid fire commencement as those simple guitar riffs complement the strident vocals. In time, it becomes an infectious beat. 'Poisoned Heart' drives home a cathartic story, one cocooned with musical backbeats. It stands up to previous songs well, and that chorus completes the contribution, adding emotional underpinnings. 'Four Years Ago' introduces Hannah Greenwood’s brilliant vocals yet again: she sounds emotionally drawn to love and it’s a welcome inclusion. 'Napalm Girls' features a complete chorus, a stab at abrasiveness, and lead singer Will Gould shows his range here. Beautifully composed, it is Creeper at their best.

Breaking boundaries may be on the minds of every band that tries their hardest to make it. Creeper have definitely made it, and there’s no denying the courageousness they’ve shown. But have they broken boundaries with their newly designed LP? That would be a resounding yes. 

Creeper deliver a near perfect record. An album which is spangled with emotional undercurrents that rise up through dark swirls. From the start, it commands us to fall for its immense musical and lyrical spark so that tears may appear and drown out all commotion around us. 

Sex, Death & the Infinite Void arrives 31 July via Roadrunner Records.

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