short but sweet...
Luisa Mateus

10:23 9th July 2008

Ever feel jaded with the music scene like you no longer have something to believe in? If you look like I feel, here cometh Royal Treatment Plant’s debut, ‘Hope Is Not Enough’ to your aid. An album self released by the London five piece who have been strumming their beleaguered hearts to a pulp, in London's indie music scene for quite a while now.

On title track, ‘Hope Is Not Enough’, you’ll find a much needed Batman-esque guitar rift injected into your most porous vein. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this little gem comes mixed from the decks of the legendary Mike Chapman (he who is responsible for producing Blondie’s infamous ‘Parallel Lines’ album back in the day). ‘Half As Much’ slows it down somewhat before submerging your head under the surface of their power pop, when the drums kick in; pounding into your skull like you’ve left your brain in the bathroom with last night’s MDMA.

‘Undercurrent’ is probably the most standout track. "Did reality kill your fun?" Err, quite frankly, lead lady, Princess P, it did! But it’s ok because you can rock the fuck out with this striking song (mixed once again by good ol’ Mikey C.). Guitarist DJ’s caresses the strings in all the right ways. It’s both sharp, shrill AND melodic (make of that what you will!). We’d throw comparisons the way of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Metric. Other tracks on the album can be a bit hit and miss in places. ‘Hearts And Minds’ is a slower and more subdued, as is ‘Crack Whore’, but you can’t fault them technically.

Their strength does seem to lay in the angrier, angsty tracks with more bite. ‘You Don’t Need Me’ twists back to Batman-like rifts and quick chipper beats. It’s not disappointing. Being slightly schizophrenic in its application is perhaps the album’s biggest appeal. You get thrown into one belter of a track which you can dance and jump your heart out to, before plunging into some low-fi track to chill the fuck out. The main let down of the album is that it’s only comprised of a lean 8 tracks but this is presumably a choice of quality over quantity. It’s short but sweet. You’ll like it, we promise!

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