He was not shot and killed...
Lowri Williams

12:37 2nd September 2005

Eric B - Still breathingDespite reports to the contrary DJ Eric B is alive and well and happy with his family.

A fake report was recently circulated on the internet claiming that Eric B had been shot and killed in a barbershop in New Jersey.

The national press in America quickly caught onto the story. According to AllHipHop, radio host Wendy Williams mentioned the report and the rumour spread like wild fire.

However, Eric B dismissed all death rumours and said: "The only way I am going to go is by having a heart attack while I am out with my grand kids,"

"I want to thank everyone for their concern. You never really know how you have impacted people until some sort of crisis."

"My daughter and I are making a list of people to call back, there's been that many people that have called,"

"I am alive and well. The only person I am dead to is Jay-Z, he never returns my phonecalls.”

Eric B made his name as part of the legendary group Eric B & Rakim.

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