Ex-business partner touched penises...
Chris Taylor

16:18 8th July 2006

Michael Jackson has told a court he was “shocked” when he was shown a video of his then business partner directing a gay porn movie.

The popstar told Santa Monica Superior Court in video-taped testimony on Thursday he watched on in disbelief as Mark Schaffel directed the adult entertainers what to do, before touching their penises.

He said, “I was shocked by what I saw... (Schaffel) was directing two guys. They were naked from head to toe... and he was telling one what to do with the other and he grabbed their penis or something. I didn't believe it."

Schaffel is suing Jackson for allegedly failing to pay him for work on two documentaries and an unreleased charity record, all produced in response to the superstar’s controversial appearance in the infamous Martin Bashir documentary.

Jackson, who says he cut all ties with Schaffel after discovering his past porn work, claims he did infact pay him, and is counter-suing.

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