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Dale Maplethorpe
15:35 22nd March 2023

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We talk about music a lot at Gigwise. Some would say probably a bit too much. Some would say give it a rest and stop beating a dead horse, music is out, we’ll find it as and when we’re ready. Fair enough. But then every now and then a song comes along and it just evokes excitement, a sense of possibility and potential where it would simply be remiss to not tell you all about it. Enter: Harry Marshall, and his new single ‘Je T’adore’.

This track kicks off with an exciting riff, one of high-pitched funk infused get down, it makes you want to get up and dance, or add swagger to your walk. It’s invocative of old school indie rock but with a dance component, a more modern swing which takes influence and drags it into 2023. Harry’s vocals come in and he demands, “hey Mr, please don’t stop the show,” and too right, the crowds buzzing and there’s drinks everywhere.

I spoke with Harry a few weeks ago and there’s a lot that goes into his song writing, which is seen firstly in the freedom he finds in collaboration (which he got on this song in the form of Shawn Berry and Chad Shlosser). “Collaboration has always been important,” he told me over a pint in London Bridge, “there’s a lot of artistic integrity that you think is artistic integrity but it’s actually pride. Maturity is figuring out how to let go of pride and move through life, so co-writing was a natural progression from that, it became a really fun and cool experience.”

He also draws from his string of influences that come from years of busking, but most importantly his song writing springs from a desire to play live. Every second of this new single, be it the indie rock intro, the catchy outro or slowed down waltz pre-chorus, is packed with energy that begs for sticky dancefloors and overpriced cans of Red Stripe.

“It’s the cliché of it being the best drug ever, that feeling of connectivity,” he said, “no matter who the audience are, there’s something about you singing and you’re looking into somebody’s eyes and they’re vibing and you’re vibing and it’s just amazing.”

2023 promises to be a big year for Harry, with more gigs and new tunes on the horizon, he’s a musician that has already made a name for himself but is only going to get bigger and better. It’s exciting to be a witness to and hearing ‘Je T’adore’, it’s clear he isn’t fucking about with the commitment, energy and creativity that he’s putting into his craft.

Be sure to check out the new single ‘Je T’adore’ by Harry Marshall now


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