They're not strong enough...
Daniel Melia

11:58 20th September 2006

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Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has given up drugs because they’re too weak nowadays.

He told Q magazine: "I think the quality's gone down. All they do is tryand take the high out of everything.”

He did, however, confess to over using during his recent fall from grace out of a Fijian bush.

“I've had a couple of weeks on morphine. I did try to squeeze a little bit more out of the night nurse. She was very accommodating."

Richards, a legendary dabbler in almost every drug going, says he won’t touch more modern drugs such as ecstasy because they mess with your head.

“I don't like the way drugs now are working on your brain area instead of just through the blood stream. That's why I don't take any of them anymore."

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