After 'Stop The Clocks'...
Scott Colothan

09:24 28th September 2006

Noel Gallagher says that Oasis have made no plans for their immediate future.

Oasis return to the fray this autumn with their greatest hits package ‘Stop The Clocks’, but what happens after that is anyone’s guess.

He tells Billboard: “There's no plans to do anything. Saying that, there's no plans not to do anything, either. We're not like other bands in that respect.

“We're masters of our own destiny and take these things one album at a time. The last time we sat down and planned an album, it turned into 'Don't Believe the Truth,' and that took three years to record."

Noel went on to admit that they have eleven songs left over from the ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’ that they could release if they wanted.

He added: “There's seven that are good and four that are really great, so we could put an album out tomorrow if we wanted."

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