He's appalled with George Bush and co....
Jason Gregory

10:12 26th March 2007

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has hit out at the America government in the light of the current global climate.

Speaking to Gigwise, the 41-year-old singer says that his futuristic concept album ‘Year Zero’ is thematically rooted in the present.

Set 15 years in the future, Reznor said of the record: “When it came to write the words I really wanted to focus on something that was at the forefront of my consciousness which is, as an American, I’m appalled by the behaviour of our government and the direction that it has taken and the direction that it’s taken everyone else in the world and its arrogance.”

He continued: “I decided to write an essay about where the world might be if we continue down the path that we’re on with a neo-con-esque government doing whatever it pleases, which seems to be the way it works over here (America).”

Explaining the concept theme idea, he added: “There are no concepts in the story that aren’t routed in things that already are happening.”

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