Post-punk goes pop
Vicky Greer
10:24 30th September 2022

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It’s not every day that bright, modern pop interacts with gloomy post-punk. They’re two of the most influential genres of the decade, but until now they’ve remained pretty separate. Ireland’s NewDad, however, have decided it was time these two worlds collided, as they share their cover of Charli XCX’s ‘ILY2’.

NewDad put their own spin on the pop legend’s song with the guitar-driven, bass-heavy rock sound. This is the first song they’ve released since their critically acclaimed Banshee EP. Here, they spoke about turning Charli XCX shoegaze:

We’ve always been huge fans of Charli XCX and thought it could be cool to take one of her songs and make our own version. ILY2 with its distorted synths seemed like it could translate very well as a loud shoegazey song so we tried it out!"  

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Photo: Holly Whitaker