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Daniel Melia

12:20 25th April 2007

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Kele Okereke has spoken out about recent spats between himself and other artists saying his comments have been taken completely out of context.

The Bloc Party front man had seemingly been on top form when it came to slagging other people off; especially Pete Doherty and Oasis.

However, in an interview with XFM he said: "I've said things in interviews that have been taken literally out of context.

“I read something this week about me cussing out Pete Doherty, when I didn’t do anything of the sort.

"I was just giving an example when I was asked a question about the nature of suffering and art, but if anyone's really that bothered define the quote they'll see the context.

“I don't really pay it too much mind really. I think it’s just the nature of news these days."

In other Bloc Party news Okereke also revealed that the band have a raft of new material despite only releasing ‘A Weekend In The City’ a couple of months ago.

He said: "We have been writing. I think we’re a band that enjoy writing and it’s always been easy. So if we have time we're always thinking about new songs or new sounds or new ideas.
"It's not like a chore for us. As soon as we finished recording the record in the summer of last year, we've had a lot of time in between touring and promo and we have been writing songs and having ideas.

“Hopefully the third record will have even less time in between records."

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Photo: Linda Chasteau