Atmospheric guitar music at its best
Cai Trefor
16:43 26th February 2019

Poland's Trupa Trupa are the newest signing to be announced for Jonathan Poneman's Sub Pop label. To celebrate the signing, the Gdansk-based band have shared the video for 'Dream About' ahead of new music to come from them on the legendary label - and former home of Nirvana - later this year.

It's easy to see why Sub Pop - who've been keen on them since first discovering the band earlier this decade - are so endeared to the band: Trupa Trupa's combination of '60s psych falsetto met with a barbed, hypnotic bass line, glassy guitars, and minimalist drumming is incredible to hear.  Slowly building in energy, ominous atmospherics provoke an adrenalised tremolo burst on the guitar and the heavier touch on the bass starts to invite comparisons to Sabbath. Unpredictable and captivating, the sonic world they create could only be the result of four players completely enveloped and stimulated by each other's own unique musicality, and articulate use of dynamics.

The video accompanying the track was created by director Benjamin Finger who had this to say:

“The video was shot on Super 8, a format I am strongly connected to, and I think it fits the music of Trupa Trupa. There is something poetic about the music, and I think it matches the images in a good way. The 'Dream About' video is also about seeing the world through the eyes of the child. The video features footage shot on location in Vancouver, Paris and Buenos Aires.”

And in case you were wondering if they're any good live, then Gigwise's Richard Foster has some good news for you. In his review of Liverpool Sound CIty 2018 , he wrote:

"Gdansk’s Trupa Trupa were up first, knocking out an ear-bleedingly loud set on a hot afternoon upstairs in the Blade Factory. Singer Grzegorz was quick to sardonically inform a wondering crowd that the band sung “very simple” songs. But that was a red herring, as there is an integral otherness about Trupa Trupa that belies their very more-ish rock, which draws on the ghost of Barrett, Pixies and (to these ears) Faust.

"And they are masters at creating a vast emotional and spiritual hinterland that exudes a mystery that’s hard to grasp. A series of rumbling, menacing tracks were delivered at ear-splitting volume that in turn set up a crashing ending where the band barred their teeth and showed the unhinged side of their nature. The shellshocked survivors staggered out onto the blazing sun.

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