Their new album In This House is coming in March
Jessie Atkinson
12:53 18th March 2020

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Dutch guitar innovators Lewsberg have released a new single today. 'At Lunch' is a brilliant lullaby with huge Velvet Underground parallels and the eccentric speak-singing of their vocalist and guitarist Arie van Vilet.

Bizzarely - and to our great delight - the song is about Inspector Morse. It foretells the band's second LP In This House. 

A gentle carousel carries the melody forwards on a bed of arpeggio guitars, evoking the despondent beauty of Velvet tunes like 'Sunday Morning'. 

Hear it, and bask in the peace of its accompanying video here:

But back to Inspector Morse. van Vilet comments on the theme of the song: "there’s a world behind it. A world in which the late inspector Morse is still alive...Whenever he needed help solving a murder investigation or a crossword puzzle, he reached for the bottle. It seemed to work, but at what price?"

On the video - set in Rotterdam West - the vocalist said: "The theme of the video has nothing to do with what is going on in the world at the moment".

Originally planned tour dates set for April have been postponed until the autumn - news as we get it.

In This House tracklist:

1. Left Turn
2. Cold Light of Day
3. At Lunch
4. Trained Eye
5. From Never to One
6. The Door
7. Through the Garden
8. Interlude
9. Jacob's Ladder
10. Standard Procedures

In This House arrives 27 March and is a self-release.

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