No Elegant Way To Sell Out drops this October
Jessie Atkinson
10:48 11th August 2022

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The smart, deadpan songwriting genius of Ellie Bleach is striking with a sharpened tongue once again today. 'Tupperware Party', which just landed, is the third single taken from a forthcoming debut EP titled No Elegant Way To Sell Out.

'Tupperware Party' is quintessential Ellie Bleach: mesmeric, carousel keys soundtrack an unbothered narration of a Great Gatsby-style story set in mid-century USA. Like all of Ellie's songs, it is full of microcosmic anecdotes and extremely realistic moments of messy, embarrassing, complicated human emotion.

"A tupperware party was an event hosted by pyramid sellers in the mid-20th century to sell tupperware products to their friends. I thought it would make the perfect backdrop for this story," Ellie said. 

"Tupperware Party is about a wall-street banker who hates his life, so embarks on a quest to find his first love, a girl from his improv group in college".

Previously-released singles 'Doing Really Well Thanks' and 'Big Strong Man' will also appear on the EP.

No Elegant Way To Sell Out Tracklist:

1. Tupperware Party
2. Precious Feelings
3. Doing Really Well Thanks
4. Something Wrong
5. Big Strong Man

No Elegant Way To Sell Out arrives 6 October via Sad Club Records.

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