So sweet!
Lucy Harbron
11:38 7th September 2022

There's nothing like a new Courtney Marie Andrews track to sooth the blues. Still holding all the sunny joy of a good summers day, ‘These Are The Good Old Days’ seems set to walk us into winter with cheery guitars and Courtney’s classic country voice.

Full of jangly guitars like a classic folk song, the layered, futuristic sounds brings a new dimension to the track. As the lyrics remind you of the good stuff, packed with tender advice and affirmation, it’s just an all-round lovely song led by lovely vocals.

Talking about the track, Courtney explained the family connection in the lyrics; ““‘These are the good old days’ is a saying my uncle always says to try and remind us of the beauty of the now,” she explains. “I tend to always live in a constant state of hindsight being 20/20, and I wanted to write this as a sort of mantra to honor my family's sentiment. I also genuinely wanted to write a feel-good song after such a dark few years. Even in the saddest of times, there are little moments you’ll always look back on with a fondness that don’t seem so sad after all— they seem perfectly placed.

As the third teaser for her upcoming album Loose Future, our ears are keen for more.

Loose Future arrives 7 October.

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