A voice as fragile as the silence it breaks
Dale Maplethorpe
19:59 31st January 2023

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Our voices are capable of so much when it comes to conveying emotion and this is something that singers have been homing in on for decades now. A lot of artists blurt out lyrics, hitting high notes and conveying power in a way that instils goosebumps, whereas others approach it from a different angle. Whilst balladry is impressive, what is equally so is an ability to put forward delicacy, emotion and feeling in a song, so fragile it’s almost as sensitive as the silence it breaks. This is what Minna provides listeners in her newest single ‘Wandering Through.’

This is a track that manages to be simplistic and yet endearing in its production as Minna conveys genuine emotion in each lyric and the backdrop of guitar and harmonies are intricate enough to be compelling but not too busy as to overpower the words. It means that it’s a soft track but builds enough to remain engaging for its 4-minute run time.

“When I wrote this song it was the recognition of the one I love falling away from me,” Minna said, “and with it a feeling that had been my home.” She writes with vulnerability, conveying this feeling of heartbreak in a way that is easy for the listener to understand; however, the song also inspires an uplifting sense of hope as well.

“We had not been present in the same place for a while,” she said, “living in two separate worlds. I wanted to leave traces of light and hope in the song because when you feel frustration it means you haven’t given up, and that you don’t want to. Some of the most beautiful works of art come from enduring frustration.”

This is a song that’s hard to describe as anything but beautiful. It’s a comfort blanket through bad times and directions to good. Minna proves herself to be an excellent songwriter and vocalist with every second and it’s exciting to consider what she’ll come up with next.

You can listen to Minna’s new single ‘Wandering Through’ now  


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