Introducing FairSound
13:22 17th October 2022

More than any other year, 2022 has been dogged with vinyl delays. As major stars buy out entire plants to ensure their albums are out on time, independent artists and smaller acts have been hit with month-long delays on their presses. But up in Teesside, they have a solution.

It’s an unlikely place to find a vinyl plant, but Press On Vinyl are on a mission to support and serve UK based independent artists and labels. Heading towards a capacity of 100,000 records a month, they’re making serious progress, even working towards producing greener vinyls. 

As if all that wasn’t enough, today they’ve announced a new update to help indie artists even more. Launching an e-commerce platform called FairSound, artists will be able to sell their records directly. They can also design the record on there, and offer pre-orders while they’re in production. Letting artists set a goal, with their records going into production once a certain pre-order target has been hit, it gives them full control and knowledge of stats and amounts.

Cutting out the middleman, vinyl has previously felt something unattainable to up and coming acts. Expensive to make and a risky return, it’s something mostly resigned to the arenas of major label artists dropping their anticipated albums. But now, anyone can get involved as vinyl continues its comeback as a vital element of the industry.

Currently running beta testing, FairSound is hoping to launch in 2023. Keep your eyes peeled.

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Photo: press