Punchy, a banger, wind chimes
Dale Maplethorpe
15:32 3rd February 2023

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It’s a raw song. It’s honest and punchy and straightforward. It’s hard-hitting and fun and a banger. And it starts with windchimes of all things. A trickling spa-like sound rings through during the introduction of Girli’s brand new single ‘Imposter Syndrome,’ before everything kicks off and we’re given what for all intents and purposes can only really be described as a tune.

There’s no messing about with this song. A few cheeky windchimes and then we’re thrown straight into it. Distant drum hits and heart stopping bass bangs as if trying to escape from your earphones and Girli delivers some of her notoriously honest and take them as they come lyrics. She discusses being on the guestlist and not feeling welcome, not feeling right in a place of accomplishment, and generally struggling to fit in.

“I was overthinking everything,” she says talking about the song, “feeling like a fake, scared that I was an underachiever and that everybody knew it and was laughed at behind my back about it. I kind of go through life feeling like everybody else has a guidebook, and I’m just making it up as I go. This song is about wanting to run away because of that feeling and being so unsure of yourself it scares you.”

The song comes out as Girli gets ready to head out on tour. The “F**ked It Up tour” starts on 9th March in Brooklyn and sees her head to LA, Chicago and all around Europe. She is also making her way to festivals and doing a run of supporting slots for Alt-J.

‘Imposter Syndrome’ is different to how we’ve heard Girli in the past as she shows us her versatility as a songwriter. It’s exciting to hear and gives fans another reason to get giddy at the prospect of seeing her live soon.

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