A breakup banger
10:39 22nd March 2023

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The internet’s favourite songstress returns as Harriette drops ‘bc i love you’. After a trickle of odd singles over the past few years, 2023 is truly Harriette’s year as we race towards her EP release on April 27th.

Still with her same candid lyricism, however, dare we say that ‘bc i love you’ deeps its toes into the genuinely sincere. Looking back at a lost relationship, it’s in no way your traditional heartbreak tune, but with bluesy guitar details and an instantly catchy chorus; it has the making of the next great addition to your getting-over-him playlist.

Talking of the track, Harriette said: “"I wrote this song a day after I got broken up with - I was trying to figure out what went wrong & was blaming myself. It’s crazy the hoops we jump through to try to make something work because we don’t want to be alone. I guess this song is the product of me processing that phenomenon.

As the 3rd track we’ve heard from her upcoming I Heart The Internet EP, you’d be hardpressed to find an up and comer with as much promise as Harriette, growing her fanbase and seemingly her skill set with every drop.

I Heart The Internet arrives April 27th

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