The Follow up to their debut album opener
11:26 22nd March 2023

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One of the finest talents coming out of Leeds at the moment, we’re keeping a close eye on Eades. Releasing a follow up to their 2022 album opener ‘Reno’, they’ve just dropped ‘Reno pt.2’ and it’s bigger and better than before.

Re-writing the origin story of the 2022 track, ‘Reno pt.2’ is the best of the band. Adding a unique synth line to a good old fashion indie-rock track, the quartet are at their most energetic right here.

Previously opening up their debut album, pt.2 seems to be opening up a new era as the band prep to head out on tour with major up and comer, Wunderhorse. Sure to get a lot more attention and far bigger crowds; who knows what’s coming next.

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Photo: Sam Joyce