Ahead of his debut ep
Daisy Carter
17:29 24th May 2023

Joining the trend of entirely lowercase stylisation, two blinks, i love you is the new project from Scouse artist Liam Brown, previously of the moniker pizzagirl. Today, he shares ‘loveseat’ - the last single to be released ahead of his current guise’s debut EP, the straightforwardly titled ep 1. 

A distinct shift away from the sometime ironic, markedly online bedroom-pop of his pizzagirl project, ‘loveseat’ sees Brown embrace a sound flecked with alt-rock and folk influences - think Alex G, or For Emma era Bon Iver. Aiming to create a sound “not tied to metronomes or quantised synth arrangements, but to a more ‘present in the moment’ energy”, the track’s intentionally low-fi production is complimented by a playfully DIY video focusing solely on Brown, his banjo, and an at-home mic setup.

Lyrically, ‘loveseat’ is drenched in self-aware nostalgia, making reference to Tay Zonday’s early-internet sensation ‘Chocolate Rain’ and exploring Brown’s romanticised recollections of past relationships, “even if at the time it wasn’t particularly a good memory”. In the immortal words of BoJack Horseman: ‘When you look at someone through rose-coloured glasses, all the red flags just look like flags’. But at least with two blinks, i love you, these glasses seem to be clarifying his vision. 

ep 1 is out 2nd June via Heist or Hit. 

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