Forest Gump meets Beyonce
Daisy Carter
15:13 25th May 2023

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Ahead of slots supporting The Big Moon and playing Live at Leeds fest, indie-pop newcomer Ellur drops a cinematic video telling the story of her infectious sad banger, ‘Anywhere’. 

Centred around a sequence that wouldn’t be out of place in a rom-com, the video sees Ellur running around her hometown in various guises - a joyful contrast to the single’s sadness-tinged lyrics about past loves that still linger on your mind. “I believe that humans are natural romantics and everything we do, we do for love”, she confesses. “This song and this video is a nod towards that”. 

With inspirations as diverse as Forrest Gump and Beyoncé (specifically, the latter’s intense practice of singing while on a treadmill), the concept represents Ellur’s favourite Kamand Koujouri quote: “I will look for you in every lifetime and love you there”. Somehow putting a playful spin on the dreaded situation of bumping into an ex, ‘Anywhere’ is a reminder that we’re all the main character in our own lives. 

‘Anywhere’ is out now via Dance to The Radio. 

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