Sayings he's similar to Franz Ferdinand...
Scott Colothan

12:07 22nd July 2005

Kanye West - 'The College Dropout'Outspoken rapper Kanye West has urged all rock and indie fans to buy his records because they have a lot in common with guitar tracks.

West wants to blur the boundaries between rock and hip-hop saying if people like Franz Ferdinand and White Stripes fans to get into his music.

He said: He says, "What I struggle with is that I think my music is rap, but I also think it's alternative. If you have a White Stripes album or a Franz Ferdinand album, you should also have a Kanye West album.

"If you can appreciate that style of music, you should be able to appreciate mine, too. It's darker, sexier, it's low; it has a lot in common with rock production and instrumentation."

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