Band deny reports that their new material is ready for release
Alexandra Pollard

11:09 8th March 2014

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Tool have denied reports that their new album has been completed, insisting that comments the band's guitarist made to a fan were merely a joke.

Reports began circulating yesterday after guitarist Adam Jones apparently told a fan at a V.I.P. meet and greet that the album was "100% finished" and ready to be released.

In a statement to Rolling Stone though, the band said, "Last night, Adam Jones, in a private conversation with fans attending the Portland Tool concert, joked that the band's new album was not only finished but coming out the next day. Unfortunately, his off-the-cuff joke was taken out of context."

The statement continued to assure fans that "work on the forthcoming album is ongoing and as soon as it is done, trust me, we will be the first to let everyone know."

Jones also confirmed via his twitter account that the rumours were false, insisting that he added "just kidding" after making the erroneous comments.

It's been 8 years since Tool last released an album, and the follow up to 2006's 10,000 Days has been the subject of much speculation. Sadly though, fans are just going to have to wait a little while longer.

Below: Why the new Tool album will be absolutely amazing (whenever it's released)

  • It'll take the Tool sound to the 'next level': The album is on its way to being finished with a Tool insider posting the following description on the official Tool website. Basically he says it's going to be awesome: "Without giving too much away, it features complex time signatures, interesting harmonic structure and expanding effects processing - similar to what fans of Tool have come to expect - only now, perhaps not surprisingly, the band has taken it to the next level.'

  • The epic music videos will make a comeback: Anyone who has seen the Tool videos knows how amazing they are and they have received various awards over the years. Designed and directed in part by guitarist Adam Jones they represent emotions through imagery and symbolic narrative. 'Schism' for example is like a psychedelic trip inspired by the films of Clive Barker, using the band's signature style of brilliant stop motion animation.

  • It could mean the Tool movie finally sees the light of day: It's long been rumored that the band have been working on a full length feature. Justin Chancellor has said that the band have the connections to make it happen and that it would be "a narrative story in a surreal fashion with as much money and special effects as possible" to "pockets of all of that or something that's live or the band playing". With Queens of the Stone Age releasing a feature length animation with Like Clockwork, the idea seems ever more possible.

  • We get another round of mind bending album artwork: Tool artwork, like the videos, is produced by Adam Jones who creates something akin to a magic eye painting by M.C. Escher and HR Giger. Each album has been accompanied by sleeve notes that instead of written lyrics feature tapestries of the intricate creations relating to the album. Like the videos the art represents an expansion of the mind through feeling and the band's position as the catalyst for that growth.

  • They put their heart and soul into the live shows: By all accounts the Tool live show is truly some to behold with the band defying all conventions, playing without spotlights at the back of the stage. Singer Maynard James Keenan even faces away from the audience for much of the time, choosing instead to focus the audiences attention on the screens and imagery set to accompany the songs. The band's designer said the reason for darkness is because "[a] lot of the songs are a personal journey for him [Keenan] and he has a hard time with the glare of the lights when he's trying to reproduce these emotions for the audience. He needs a bit of personal space, and he feels more comfortable in the shadows."

  • The technical prowess will mess with your head: The technical side on each of Tool's releases is absolutely mind blowing, utilizing increasingly complex time signature changes, song structures and melodies. For example Maynard's syllable patterns in Lateralus mirror the ascending then descending numbers of the Fibonacci sequence. Keenan spoke to Rolling Stone about aspirations on the new album, saying: 'You want to push the boundaries. You want to figure out how can you challenge yourself to discover something new, discover something different about yourself. What are your limitations?'

  • Their devious sense of humor will return: Throughout their various tours and interviews the band, despite their seriousness, have orchestrated a fair few, slightly evil pranks on their audiences and journalists. In 2005 the band posted on their official website that Keenan had found Jesus and that the recording of their new album had halted as a result. When MTV's Kurt Loder attempted to contact him he said simply: "heh heh". In a later interview he commented said 'It was April Fools'. If you fall for that on April Fools' Day, there's nothing I can do for you.'

  • They will never ever compromise: In an age where artists are selling their souls to major labels and landing in the middle of the road for 15 minutes of fame, artistic integrity really is a rare thing. It's taken the band 8 years to release this album not because they've run out of ideas but because it has to be absolutely perfect (kind of like the opposite to Rihanna's yearly output). As such the band never compromise and have often fallen foul of censorship as a result; which they protested by appearing naked with Parental Advisory stickers over their genitals in the video for 'Hush'. Therefore it is safe to say the new material will be as raw and intense as they can make it.

  • It will awaken metal from its slumber: With each of their albums since Aenima the band have scored a No.1 on the Billboard top 200. This is something that a metal album has not managed to repeat for many many years. Not to mention it will do wonders for guitar music to have an album from a band as amazing as Tool at the top of the charts once again. The band also took headline slots at huge festivals including Coachella and Lollapalooza. Meaning if their was any band that was going to help usher in the mythical return of guitar music, it's Tool.

  • We get to hear a concept album once again: Most people have a bit of a yawn when they think about concept albums, it brings to mind tracks that go on forever, pretentious ideas and boredom. Tool however are one of the few bands who can pull it off. 10,000 Days for example is about the journey Keenan went on for the amount of days following his mother's stroke. It follows him asking questions to God and is a spiritual and metaphysical journey. It runs along at an extraordinary pace and truly captures the emotions channelled into the music. We can't think of an album that has even attempted something nearly as grandiose in recent memory.

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