An exciting reminder that her best work is yet to come.
Harrison Smith
10:39 28th June 2021

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On her new EP, the appropriately named Our Extended Play, Beatrice Laus AKA Beabadoobee embraces and explores a wide range of influences and sounds; ranging from jangly-guitar- indie to classic doo-wop to sentimental lo-fi acoustic grooves. Across the four tracks, she merrily furthers and betters the catchy charismatic sound which brought her to prominence in 2020.

The product of a collaborative effort between Bea and Chesire chart-toppers The 1975 Our Extended Play sees the latter’s frontman Matt Healy on co-writing duties to help deliver a well crafted twelve minutes and forty-seven seconds of humorous self-deprication, sentimentality and optimism.

Opening with ‘Last Day on Earth’ a track loaded with an upbeat nature and a memorable chorus, Bea makes a strong case for a bona fide FIFA-esque anthem deliciously suited for a sunny festival afternoon. Raucous guitars and vocalised “shoop doo doos” partnered with battling lyrics ‘It's your last day on Earth / You killed someone last night / And burned down a church’ Bea establishes the carefree framework which gives ‘Last Day on Earth’ and the EP as a whole a genuine sense of fun.

The tender ‘Cologne’, takes things to a more intimate and somewhat racy place. Bea speaks passionately about the desire and affection she craves ‘Am I attractive? / Tell me I’m good enough’ but is fully aware that these needs are out of character for her and she is perturbed by their existence. ‘Please, kiss my neck / Let's go for another round / I hate what this song is about’. Whilst the track explores low self-esteem and a want for validation, Bea flaunts a great deal of confidence in her creative versatility both as a songwriter and a guitar player. The heartwarming ‘Animal Noises’ sees Bea reflecting on the idiosyncrasies of comfort in relationships. Its relatable and touching themes, almost of a child-like essence, echo the work of fellow Dirty Hit label mate Phoebe Bridgers and Californian YouTube sensation mxmtoon.

Rounding off with ‘He Gets Me So High’, a solely Healy written number, Bea delves into the fragile workings of troublesome relationship ‘He pretends, he is my closest friend / It's a lie, when he cries’ and at what first seems like co-dependent romance, something more sinister and disturbing is unearthed. ‘He gets fed and lives under my bed / It's been said, that it's all just in my head’
In its short but sweet length, ‘Our Extended Play’ doesn’t outstay its welcome and is all the better for this. Following an explosive year for her career Beabadoobee smartly keeps listeners topped up with a collection of songs that embody her quick-wit, ear for melody and invigorating & prolific mind. It’s an exciting reminder that her best work is yet to come.

Our Extended Play is out now.

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