Underground stars ready to break
Jessie Atkinson
13:19 14th October 2021

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"We have wings for a reason" Louie Pastel and Felix of Paris Texas say as they stand before an overfull Colours Hoxton wearing angel wings: "we gone after this". Their third in a trio of headline shows in L.A., New York and London, Paris Texas are urgent in their stage patter tonight: this is their first ever show on UK soil and will be their last for a while.

The childhood friends—who caused one of the most instantaneous stirs in recent industry memory with their debut February single 'HEAVY METAL'—are sporting black suits and white angel wings when they first take the stage. There is delight in the crowd: Paris Texas have managed to whip up a cult following in a remarkable jiffy.

Though they have an EP and mini-album already under their belts, Paris Texas surely play nearly every one of their songs tonight: their set is almost an hour long, but there's such energy behind every moment of it, it feels more like ten minutes.

In person, rap'n'roll tends more towards rap with no irl instruments in sight, only an emcee armed with a laptop. It works though. It's hard to imagine where a guitarist could stand that wouldn't get in the way of Louie and Felix, who prowl around the stage as they stalk through hits like 'SITUATIONS', 'FORCE OF HABIT' and 'Dr. Aco's Miracle Bullets', taken from the recent EP Red Hand Akimbo. The project only dropped about a week ago and already the crowd are deep in the moment, able to shout lyrics back up to the stage, 'girls like drugs' being another favourite.

Several circle pits open up during the night, none bigger than for finale cut 'HEAVY METAL', the very first surprise single that introduced the duo back in February. Eight months have passed since that heady moment but Paris Texas are already behaving like artists who have been around for years. If the duo were fully formed when they debuted, then their first UK live show proves that by now, they're already underground stars ready to break. 

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