The opening of a new chapter
Melissa Darragh
10:20 26th September 2022

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Three years on from the release of their widely acclaimed debut ‘When I Have Fears’, The Murder Capital descend under the shiny chrome arch of Lafayette for a night of new music and old friends.

A painting by Peter Doyle stands on stage as the crowd begins to filter in. Set to be the cover art of the band’s sophomore album ‘Gigi’s Recovery’, this is an image that marks a new chapter for the band, and sets the scene for what’s to come. 

Amongst the excitement, it’s clear that a nervous energy fills the crowd, with fans unsure what the next chapter may hold. Any fears are soon debunked however as the band take to the stage. Opening with new single 'A Thousand Lives' followed by old favourites 'More Is Less' and 'Green & Blue', the band soon have the crowd in the palm of their hand.

“You’ve seen all the announcements. Our record is coming in the early 2023 months. And we can’t fucking wait more than you can,” smiles frontman James McGovern. “It’s the beginning of a new chapter for us now, so forget the boys you used to know I suppose.”

With a slick look, it’s undeniable that this is a band with style, but they certainly have the substance to back it up. The Murder Capital are a band that can command the crowd. With a mix of new and old tracks, the set progressed in waves with injections of energy perfectly placed in contrast with more subdued tracks. 

‘A Twisted Ground’ is a standout of the night. You could hear a pin drop as the soft bass riff rings out throughout the venue. McGovern delivers a stunning vocal as the eyes well up of fans in the crowd. They’ve waited a long time for this - and it’s every bit as magical as they could have hoped. The moment is intense, it’s intimate and it is truly everything that makes this band great.

The mood soon shifts as old favourites 'Feeling Fades' and 'Don't Cling to Life' bring back the infectious ferocity the band have become so well known for. McGovern leaps into the crowd and crowd surfs as the night reaches a euphoric peak.

“We lost our minds making this record,” smirks McGovern. “We took our time because we felt like we owed it to ourselves, and we owed it to our fans to make a record that mattered for us, and we think we’ve achieved that.”

With a glint in his eye, McGovern looks out to the crowd as the last notes of new track 'Ethel' chime out throughout the venue. Feelings may fade, but in the case of The Murder Capital, they grow even stronger - and tonight well and truly started the band's next chapter with an almighty bang. 

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Photo: Matt Chapman