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Lucy Harbron
10:57 27th September 2022

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If you’re on the right side of TikTok, you might already have heard Blondshell. Blowing up out of the blue off the back of one chorus filmed during a small town live gig, the lyrics “i bet she talks dirty, like she’s on a mission” had us hooked and when she sends it home with “mama, i’m adjacent to a lot of love” - we were totally captured.

With only three tracks to her name, it’s a rare thing to watch to put so much money on success so prematurely. But as they get better with each verse, each big guitar riff, each intensely personal lyric - she seems set for it.

Merging grunge intensity, borrowing from spiritual mothers of Courtney Love and Sleater Kinney, Blondshell mixes the grit with a real softness. Writing so candidly about modern love, pain, and recovery - it’s like someone picked up your early 20s diary and performed a dramatic reading. When she sings “I’m going back to him, i know my therapist’s pissed”, all you can hear is a chorus of girls nodding their heads, we felt that.

Performing her debut London show last night, the certainty that she’s a name to bet on is only more assured. In Soho’s newest venue, The Lower Third, the crowd saw what it’s like when true talent is found, given a stage and allowed to run with it.

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Photo: Matt Chapman