A silly fun night
Lucy Harbron
13:59 27th September 2022

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When we spoke to Lauran Hibberd back in March and she said her album was like “an amalgamation of [her] career so far, on crack”... she wasn’t lying. Released in August, gaining 9 stars from us and becoming an instant repeat on the office playlist, Lauran Hibberd just keeps making us love her with silly hit after silly hit.

And as her Garageband Superstar tour hit the aptly named Garage in London, it was a silly good night. 

With Viji and Daisy Brain in tow, before Lauran even hit the stage the vibe was set. Each capturing the distinctly modern, 2022 take on 90s slacker rock - the alt-pop beats of Viji chased by Daisy Brain’s skull rattling grunge had us set for all sides yet to come. And within the first handful of songs, Lauran was swiftly ticking off all the subgenres and references she’s held dear throughout her career. 

Matching her candid, sarcastic lyrics with effortlessly funny on-stage chat, the night felt like a great party or a bedroom rager with your best friend. Talking about IBS, sharing secrets and even getting a bit emotional about the last year, Lauran feels like a bestie we’ve known and supported for ages with that love starting to feel a bit unconditional by now. As Viji joins her on stage for ‘Hot Boys’, the atmosphere in the room is so distinct, like the perfect rockshow without even a whisper of toxic masculinity. 

Wrapping up her main set, ‘Still Running’ is huge. Already a massive track on record with a feature from DJ Lethal, somehow the audio might doesn’t lose even a drop of energy. As the band kick into full rock mode, playing in a way that wouldn’t be out of place at Woodstock 99 - it was all the rage without you know… the violence. It speaks to a version of Lauran that has totally come into her own. Despite having a big and varied back catalogue, her sound now is cohesive and distinctive. She nails down her vibe perfectly, and her band knows exactly how to translate it.

We know she’s only just released her debut, but now festival season is over and the tour is all wrapped up - is it wrong to already be excited for whatever comes next?

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Photo: Vendy Palkovičová