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12:31 22nd March 2023

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From mosh pits to sentimental phone-light torch moments - Master Peace brought it all to his huge XOYO show last night. Having previously linked up with The Streets and recently collaborating with NOISY, we can’t help but wonder if XOYO knew they were housing the future of indie in the hallowed venue.

Taking to the stage in crocs and a skirt, the up and comer well and truly celebrated the release of his new EP Peace Of Mind. Recently speaking to Gigwise about his frustrations towards the stereotypes and misunderstandings placed on him as an artist, saying “ people weren’t really calling it what it was, they weren’t calling it indie…because I wear a durag and I’m black, people were like ‘oh he’s a rapper’ but I’ve never dropped a rap tune.” But there was no mistaking it last night, as Master Peace and his band brought the best of the genre to the stage in an unabashed indie show.

Bounding off the stage into an excited crowd, we’ve got an inkling the size of which is only going to grow.

Capturing the view from the pit, see the shots by Owen Williams:

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Photo: Owen Williams