What an inventive way to back-handedly promote yourself
Alexandra Pollard

09:56 18th December 2015

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We might have guessed by the fact that he wears a Mickey Mouse non-branded mouse mask on his head during live performances that Deadmau5 has a complicated relationship fame. So it wasn't exactly surprising when he had an existential crisis on Twitter and Facebook yesterday.

In a series of tweets which have since been deleted (he's also suspended his account), Deadmau5, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman, wrote, "considering killing off the 'deadmau5' bullshit and just start something new. did it before, can do it again. fuck it. why not."

He then moved onto Facebook, and wrote, "fuck 'social media'. the only thing it’s useful for is promoting, advertising, and more advertising. As far as being a human being on social media, forget about it. you’re just another number we can all add into our little follower count, that ultimately adds up to NOTHING i require to make music.

"So, ill [sic] just leave this shit for management to pump out advertisements and promotions just like the rest of the sheep. ive got some fences to jump."

He also took to Reddit to repeat himself. For someone who hates social media, he really loves social media.

This isn't the first time Deadmau5 has had a strop. He'll probably be back in a few weeks.

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