Including the follow-up to 'Mardy Bum'...
Scott Colothan

11:09 20th January 2006

Alex Turner

Arctic Monkeys have been speaking about new material – before their debut album has even been released.

Despite the massive hysteria around them, the Sheffield lads have been finding time to lay down some new tracks in recent weeks.

One track is the follow-up to album track ‘Mardy Bum’, as frontman Alex Turner explains: “It’s called ‘Do Me A Favour’ which I played to a friend and he’s right proper gone for it. It’s the further adventures of the girl in ‘Mardy Bum’ – my ex.

Speaking about other material, Alex continued to The Star: “There’s one that might be called ‘Three Episodes Where Someone Else Got In The Way’. I can’t decide if that’s wank or not yet.”

“And ‘I Wish You Would Have Smiled In The Bakery’. I’m looking forward to that ‘un”

Arctic Monkeys release their debut album ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ on Monday (January 23). Read the review of new single ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ here.

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