The final teaser from their debut EP
10:35 29th March 2023

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, cruush are making the manchester music scene exciting again. Diving deep into the shoegazey, psyche underbelly that’s been bubbling away in the city for a while, hidden in the shadows of dull indie, the band are mixing the best bits of both to expert effect.

But on new track ‘Features’, we’re staying firmly on the dark side. Borrowing from 80s dark alt, like The Cure with their atmospheric gothic sounds, ‘Features’ tackles the topic of mental health with heavy handed audio doom. Shoegazey in the deepest sense of the word, it’s rattling and gloomy and all-encompassing, but in the best way.

As one of the band’s earliest tracks, it’s got all their staples and screams of promise. With their debut EP arriving next month, we can’t wait to see the final, full picture of the band they’re becoming.

Wishful Thinker arrives April 14th.

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