Oasis man out drunk by kids...
Daniel Melia

14:39 17th May 2006

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The tale of the tape:

One old codger, bulging waistline, several not so careful owners, stuck in a time warp of past glories.

A group of young upstarts, serious acne problem, riding a wave of hype.

The challenge – Tequila slammers.

The location – Brixton Academy

The outcome – One old codger unable to walk home and needing the help of his girlfriend -  one reputation destroyed.

The background story – Noel Gallagher challenges Arctic Monkeys to a drinking competition after a recent gig at the London venue.

In the words of Gallagher to this mornings Sun: “I ended up in their aftershow and the bass player goes to the bar and comes back with this tray of tequilas. Normally when somebody asks if you want one you say ‘no’ but this kid just went up and bought them.”

“I thought ‘I can’t be drinking that, it’s nearly two in the morning.’ I couldn’t say no though because I didn’t want to let the side down. He was banging them down. I was about to urinate.”

“I was speaking to my missus through semaphore to get her off the dance floor and rescue me. She came over saying, ‘We’ve got to go home’ and I was acting all surprised ‘What already?’ I can’t remember getting home.”

No plans for rematch have been announced as yet.

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Photo: Katie Lincoln