Radiohead singer laments the political climate...
Scott Colothan

12:13 14th June 2006

Thom Yorke has blasted the British government saying the country is going through a  “dark period.”

The Radiohead frontman was talking about his upcoming solo album ‘The Eraser’ when he made the comments.

He said: “This is such a dark period in our country's history. There are these huge elephants that we have in the room at the moment, in the West, and people are desperately trying to erase them from public consciousness.”

In the candid interview with the Globe and Mail, he also revealed his turmoil about including ‘Harrowdown Hill’ on the album – a song partly about the death of weapons inspector Doctor David Kelly.

Commenting on the song which includes lines like (“You’ll be dispensed with when you become inconvenient.”), he continued: “The government and the Ministry of Defence were implicated in his death.

"They were directly responsible for outing him and that put him in a position of unbearable pressure that he couldn't deal with, and they knew they were doing it and what it would do to him.

“I've been feeling really uncomfortable about that song lately, because it was a personal tragedy, and Dr. Kelly has a family who are still grieving. But I also felt that not to write it would perhaps have been worse.”

'The Eraser' is released on July 10.

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Photo: Laura Sylvester