Friend/Boss deal didn't work...
Chris Taylor

13:16 25th June 2006

Troubled hip-hop star DMX has left the Def Jam citing difficulties with label President and fellow rapper Jay-Z.

DMX will now release his comeback album ‘Here We Go Again’ through Sony after finding it impossible to deal with his friend becoming his boss.

He rants, “I knew it wouldn't work. We're peers and it always creates problems when your friend suddenly becomes your boss. He's in a position, 'cause he has to do his job, and you're in a position like, 'Yo, this is my friend.'"

Sounding distinctly unloved, the Irish Examiner also quotes him as saying, “I made $144 million in the first year - their best ever. How much do you think they gave me? Nothing. Not even a card, and Def Jam was going down. I enabled them to sell the company."

DMX has undergone a difficult year after brushing with the law on driving and weapons charges, as well as reportedly suffering from substance abuse problems. He even turned up for a recent gig three hours late before performing for a whole quarter of an hour.

However, all is not lost – he is planning to ditch his ‘Dark Man’ moniker after undergoing a ‘spiritual conversion’.

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