And Lily Allen is no better...
Scott Colothan

12:09 12th July 2006

The Automatic have labeled Kasabian ‘pathetic’ for their recent tirade against a series of artists.

As previously reported, the Leicester band launched a scathing attack on Pete Doherty, Bloc Party, Test Icicles and The Automatic themselves.

But, The Automatic’s keyboardist Pennie has snubbed the name calling and thinks that pop big gob Lily Allen is no better.

Asked what acts he hated, Pennie told The Barfly: “Well I’m not going to be as pathetic as Kasabian and slag other bands off… there’s just no need for it.

”But I have to say that Lily Allen is a bit annoying running round squeaking ‘I’ve got number one, I’ve got number one!’  I don’t care who’s at number one… she’ll only be there a week or so anyway!”

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