For setting kids a bad example...
Chris Taylor

11:11 25th February 2007

Pop star Lily Allen has criticised Victoria Beckham for pressuring kids into wanting expensive products they can’t afford.

Speaking on a BBC TV discussion show, the singer said stars like the former Spice Girl is setting a bad example to the unprivileged majority.

She said, “We are bombarded with fashion mags and gossip mags with rich pop stars and Victoria Beckhams with their new handbags and kids think that's the sort of life they should have.

“But because these things are so unattainable, kids often give up before they've even started."

Allen also admitteds he still can’t even afford a one-bedroom flat in London, despite the massive success of her debut album last year.

She explained, “I've been doing what I do for a few years now and I've been paid pretty well for it, but even I'm not in a position to buy a one-bedroom flat in the city I grew up in.

“How much harder is it going to be for other people my age? It's depressing to be young in Britain. Money is a massive issue.”

Maybe she should just get a better record deal?

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