A heartbreaker to introduce a long-awaited record
Jessie Atkinson
11:27 12th August 2020

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Keaton Henson has announced his first traditional studio album in four years - Monument follows 2016's Kindly Now and is announced today with the tender 'Prayer'. 

Henson's gorgeous vocal accompanies a sparse piano for a heartbreaking special. Charged with grief and loss, the stunning ballad makes for a soothing but devastating listen.

An orchestral section takes over from Henson to finish in emotion what he cannot say in words.

“Prayer is a meditation on the act of preparing to lose someone, in whatever form that takes. It’s about the feeling of helplessness, and the realisation that there are no words you can say to someone before they leave that will make it less painful when they do, as much as we feel like there must be," Henson said.

Recently released 'Career Day' and 'Ontario' will further feature on the record.

Monument Tracklist:

1. Ambulance
2. Self Portrait
3. Ontario
4. Career Day
5. Prayer
6. While I Can
7. Bed
8. The Grand Old Reason
9. Husk
10. Thesis
11. Bygones

Monument arrives 

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