Hear opening single 'El Jardín'
Jessie Atkinson
16:00 8th June 2022

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The Black Angels have returned with news of a new album; their seventh, it's to be titled Wilderness of Mirrors and drops in September. 'El Jardín' is our first taste of the record.

A vibrating invocation of happiness and humanness, 'El Jardín' is rather upbeat for The Black Angels, who have become known for their dark psychedelic rock. A further fourteen tracks will drop alongside it when the full album comes at the dawn of autumn.

On the attached video, director Vanessa Pla said: "Alex [Maas, vocals/bass] came to me with a dystopian sci-fi idea of a future where Mother Nature is dead because we killed her, and the only way to experience her is through virtual reality- an already relatable feeling, as most of the world lives viscerally through social media. Who knows where we will be 100 years from now."

Wilderness of Mirrors Tracklist:

1. Without A Trace
2. History of the Future
3. Empires Falling
4. El Jardin
5. La Pared (Govt. Wall Blues)
6. Firefly
7. Make it Known
8. The River
9. Wilderness of Mirrors
10. Here & Now
11. 100 Flowers of Paracusia
12. A Walk on the Outside
13. Vermillion Eyes
14. Icon
15. Suffocation

Wilderness of Mirrors arrives 16 September via Partisan. 

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Photo: Pooneh Ghana