12:49 28th September 2022

As if it wasn’t clear enough that Lucy Dacus is the ultimate songstress of our generation, her covers of 70s icon Carole King hammer it home. Taking on classics ‘It’s Too Late’ and ‘Home Again’, her signature spin makes them sound like they could be plucked straight from Home Video.

The tracks were originally recorded for a 7” as part of Third Man Records’ Carole King Home Again vault package, celebrating the songwriter. But now they’ve been digitally released for all to hear, thank god!

Talking about Carole King’s influence on her music, Lucy said; “She’s clever in the good way – queen of internal rhyme – and I love how her melodies reinforce the tone of the lyrics. She keeps it simple, but that’s what makes it universal.” She adds, “When I was asked to cover a couple of her songs, it was a no brainer. Her work feels like a part of my DNA and I’m grateful for it."

Adding some electric guitar licks and the harmonies we know and love her for, the Lucy Dacus makeover of Carole King feels so right, carving a beautiful affinity between two incredible artists.

‘Home Again’ and ‘It’s Too Late’ are out now via Matador

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Photo: Press