"I’m reading on a polygraph, I mighta caught a psychopath:"
10:33 31st January 2023

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The soulful singer/songwriter returns as Emma Bradley unveils her first track of the new year. Easily her darkest lyrical piece to date, ‘Burning Trees’ strays into the gothic, the sociopathic, the narcissistic. 

Following tracks ‘Renew Me’ and ‘Square One’ the london-based artist is confidently in an era of brutally honest outpourings. Previously covering self-acceptance, loss, love, sexuality and celebration - ‘Burning Trees’ comes through a more critical eye.

Full of darker editions with layers of vocal distortion, echoing harmonies and heavier guitars, the track tackles emotional abuse as it perfectly captures that feeling of lingering worry and fear about setting off someone else’s bad side.

Talking about the track, Emma said: I wrote 'Burning Trees' about being in an emotionally abusive relationship… The narrator is constantly putting out fires and treading on eggshells around their partner, trying to keep them appeased to stay safe. ‘When I tell you that I love you I just don’t want to provoke you’, the narrator has clocked on to the abusive behaviour and is trying to escape.”


With more music to come, Emma Bradley stays top of the class when it comes to fresh, new lyric-first works. We’re big fans.

'Burning Trees' is out now

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