A bit bland but fun all the same
Dale Maplethorpe
12:19 3rd February 2023

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Sometimes music can be good and so you listen to it over and over. Other times music can be bad so you never listen again. Music can also be so bad that you can’t help but keep listening. And then you occasionally get music which is good but that you don’t feel like hearing a second time. They’re the kinds of tunes that you like and aren’t going to be annoyed by if they come on at a party, but you won’t be the person playing it. That’s a bit like what you get with Far West’s new single, ‘What Are We Waiting For?

The song is incredibly summery, written in a major key that sparks dreams of holidays and better times. It would make the perfect backing track for a cruise liner advert. The sounds are a lot of fun, varied, sporadic and glistening. It means the song sounds fresh and bouncy, but the area where it falls flat is in the vocals.

Far West’s voice isn’t bad, he can hold a key and stay in time but the issue comes with the overall melody. It’s uninspired and is the blueprint rhythm for the beat, meaning it becomes stale after a while. When you hear the words, it sounds more like they have been included as a matter of formality rather than to actually enhance the song. They’re like an apostrophe in punk graffiti, technically correct but beside the point.

Overall, ‘What Are We Waiting For?’ is a lovely track to listen to. Far West builds a great soundscape that’s nice to nestle into and become a part of. That being said, with a lack of progression throughout the song and also due to the uninspired lyrics and vocal melody, it’s not a standout tune.

You can listen to Far West’s new single ‘What Are We Waiting For?’ now


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