Saying Live 8 was a one-off...
Scott Colothan

13:26 5th July 2005

Rock legends Pink Floyd have turned down a $150million offer to tour America.

Floyd guitarist and vocalist Dave Gilmour insists that the Live 8 reformation was a one-off and has written off rumours of any reunion tours.

As The Sun reports, Gilmour said: “We’ve been offered 150million dollars to do gigs in the States.

“It’s completely mad – and we won’t do it. The idea for Live 8 was a one-off.”

It’s been well known in recent years that Floyd members have been at loggerheads with each other since they split twenty years ago. It was a surprise for many that they buried the hatchet for their appearance at Live 8.

As we told you earlier today, the band have also urged Live 8 stars to give all their extra proceeds gained after their appearance to Live 8 to charity.

Pink Floyd are currently enjoying a resurgence in sales, clocking up a 1,300% increase in one music store since Live 8.  

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